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Winter schedule:


3-9yrs from 3.00pm - 4.30pm

Main Choir from 4.00pm - 6.00pm

Welcome to the Mary's Angels Choir....

The Mary’s Angels Choir is dedicated to bring together boys and girls to experience the joy of singing and to gain a life-long love for music as well as to support each other & grow together as one big family, in a healthy environment that will be treasured forever. We strive to nurture the unique gift each child brings, to encourage all to reach for excellence and ultimately, to create responsible & compassionate citizens of the world. We are thrilled about the opportunities the Choir had during the past year, from the recording of the Christmas Carol CD to various concerts and events. This is a great way for the members to share their talents, Worship God and be of Service to others.

The Mary’s Angels Choir has 4 different classes:

3-5 years      *      6-10 years       *     11-17      *      18 years up

There is no audition to join the choir and no previous experience is necessary.

All you need is enthusiasm, commitment and willingness to learn.

We look forward to showing your child the joys of music in our choir!

The Team

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